Basic Product Gone Wild

For this one I recommend you sit back and sip on your champagne while I tell you about this business I discovered.

I was just browsing online for no apparent reason and started to think of some stuff I needed for my apartment so I decided to go to the trusted Google and see what I could find.  It is amazing how good the searches are now on Google compared to 10 years ago.  I swear 10 years ago you would do a search and half of the first page was some kind of spam trying to sell you something unrelated to your search.  Not anymore.  the results are amazing.

So I really need some hangers and I wanted some cool fashionable ones that are going to last and I came across this website  The product they are selling is so simple yet so amazingly effective.

As yo can guess by the name of the website.  They are selling copper hangers.  Now hangers are one of those times that everyone has and uses all the time.  One of those commodities that you buy without thinking about it because you need it.  In fact most people buy them without even think about what they look like or how long they will last them.

Do you really know that when you have people over to your house the hanger is one of the first things that people see and judge you on.  If you have a wire hanger you are cheap and the party or get together will be thought of that way.  If you have plastic hangers people will think you are unorganized and not quite sophisticated.  Wood ones and thick plastic would be considered the norm and you would probably skate by with those ones.  But with fancy copper hangers you are going to get noticed and the guests are going to think highly of you with their first impression and the night will get started off on the right foot.

So I bought these hangers and loved them.  I got a thousand comments from guests and in my closet I just feel fanciers and better because they look like something a billionaire would have in their closet.

I then did some research to find out more about this company and what I found was amazing.  It was just a small store that had a simple idea to sell hangers because they thought that everyone needs hangers and buys them all the time.  They started out slow as a two person operation.  They stated out selling every kind of hanger they could find and they did not do well.  They didn’t do well because they were no different then all the other websites out their selling hangers like Target

Then they decided to dig in and do some real research.  They found an up and coming hanger that no one else was selling.  At least none of the big boys. Then they decided to focus all of their efforts on that one product.  They focus hard and it paid off.

By focusing they were able to get great ranking on Google because they were not competing with the big boys such as Target.  the found their pot of gold.

They have since been able to find other niche products go out and sell.  And they have been able to hire a staff that is all on board with their ideas which is find the niche products that are up and comping and that the big boys have not yet caught on to.

Talk about an awesome office environment.  You can tell employees just love coming to work everyday.  All ideas are heard and take into careful consideration.  Granted they can have this type of environment because they are small but with a small company like this it is necessary because what they are doing is not that hard to copy if you were an employee.  We all know non competes only go so far because you have to hire an lawyer to fight that battle and it ends up being a loose loose battle for both parties especially for a small company.

But the turn over is close to zero and people are literally begging to work their.  Expect great things from the Coper Hangers dot com.

I am truly impressed and again I absolutely love my hangers.

Amazing Business Product

I had the pleasure of visiting a pretty amazing company.

For some reason I have it pictured in my head that all really successful publicly traded companies  are going to have a bunch of crazy people running all around in a bustling office place.  But obviously that is not always the case.  I probably have that image in my head because I probably saw it in a few movies and now my view is all tainted from the movies.  But I walked up to the office and I had to walk in and see the secretary obviously and then I had to sign in and wait.

It was dead quiet and not much going on at all.  I could not believe how quiet it was.  So quiet that I wondered if anyone was actually working.  But it obviously was the waiting area so it probably was quiet for a reason because none of the real action happens their.

So finally I went inside and it was still quiet.  People were just working away and they all looked happy.  It was amazing that everyone was really happy.  Not stressed but they were working hard but joyfully.  It think they were all that way because they were happy to be working on awesome products for an awesome company.

And come to find out the company is doing really well.  That really shows me that not every office has to have basketball courts, video games console and free food buffets to be attractive and successful.  They just really have to have a great core value and continually grow and make new awesome produces.  The company I was at was Flir.  They make thermal imaging devices and many, many, many other stuff but that was basically what they made.

Again the core values and having people take pride in their work does wonders for any business.  It;s mamboing how many people do not ever see that.

Granted a business does have to make money in order to survive.  No question about that but to have management to believe and see more than that is really powerful.  That is a mentality and belief that employees will follow to the ends of the earth.  People really need and want to be motivated.

It’s really amazing how one bad manager can really hurt a company.  It’s also really amazing how one really good manager can make a company soar with the eagles.

I really think the company I was at was soaring with the eagles.  They have a really good thing going.  It also really helps that they have amazing products with amazing unique technology attached with it.


Let’s Drink Champagne

I am always up for some great champagne.

But what I really love to do is the tango.  I learned my real love and passion for the tango while I was in Perth Australia on vacation.  Actually I was on a sabbatical and living it up in the land down under.

If you want to learn more about this blog then please check out the about page I wrote.

But I guess I will write a little about it here just so you don’t have to go back and check it out.

I was in Perth Australia drunk on champagne doing the tango.  I was having a blast.  I was actually having the time of my life.  While I was doing the tango I came up with a revelation that I needed to find out why some businesses were really successful and why other were not successful at all.

So I went on a little walk about as they say in Australia and found out the main reasons why some business are successful.

Granted every business is different and every business has a different story.  And I am going to tell you all of the different stories I found.  I guess this is going to be a business success blog.

But the one thing that I found that was common with almost all of the successful businesses was the culture.  All of the successful businesses had a culture that was fun.  They were places that people wanted to go and work at.  Some of the business were the most mundane ordinary businesses.

When one thinks of a fun place to work at they think of some tech place in Silicone Valley where they ride around on scooters and have basketball hoops in the office.

I found that it is not the case.  Some of these successful business were just your common ma and pa stores.  What it came down to was that people wanted to be treated with respect.  Most people actually really want to work hard.  It they get treated with respect and their bosses acknowledge their hard then people will work their butts off.

Some of the easy perks that people just loved was leaving early on Friday when nothing was happening and traffic was starting to get heavy.  Or working on a skeleton crew during the holiday when no one was focused and no business was being done.  Of course this all depended on the type of business.  I guess people just wanted to be trusted and treated with respect.  Of course you always get your bad apples that take advantage of it all but they are always real easy to pick out and take care of.

It’s real amazing that the companies that were not doing really well gave their employees none of these perks.  I asked them why they didn’t ad their reason was that they tried it and one person took advantage of it.  It’s amazing that they had one person that took advantage of it and they then decided that all employees would be the same way so everyone had to be punished.  What was even more amazing was that the people that did take advantage of always eventually got fired anyways and they owners of the companies were always still convinced that all employees would take advantage of it and then everyone had a bad attitude at the place.

It was really amazing to see so many common threads in all of these successful and non successful businesses.  I was actually floored.  I was so amazed that I just had to write about them and some of these amazing and crazy businesses.

So just stay with me here as I write about these amazing places and some of them are amazing products.